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Hi, we are a group of inventors, designers, thinkers & tinkerers.

Over the years we have developed a collection of interesting ideas, working prototypes and finished machines but due to the lack of funding, could never really get them off the ground and into production.

We’ve kept away from major investors and crowd funding in order to steer the company ourselves.

So we decided to pool our resources and do something.
The site is funded by subscription membership and donations.

This forum is private and can only be accessed by paying a subscription fee to Paypal after which you will be allowed into the forum, meet the inventors, and of course get a big discount on all of our products.

Disclaimer: Any transactions on this site have no relation to ProBoards,

Below you can see some of the things we are developing, some of these are in the beta testing stage, and will be available in full production very soon. Your fee will help us to do this, and in return you get to be part of the world's first live online development forum where you can buy the products directly from the inventors!

Please note, this is not a sales site, it is a forum to discuss the future, changes, updates and new products and their requirements. Paid members will receive discounts, and be able to join in the discussions. If a member's input leads to improvements and/or new products, they will become 'advisors' and 'consultants' and may receive royalties on their idea, not to mention the due credit for it.

Here is a small sample of what we are working on:

The Resonant Therapy machine, can be custom programmed to treat a variety of ailments and other uses. (On sale soon)

A stackable high voltage supply system, up to 1 million volts DC including safety features. (In design phase)

The Sens-Test, a universal 2 channel sensor /cable tester. (on sale soon)

A super inverter that literally doubles your household mains outlet. (Design / Testing phase)

Sending an electrically powered probe into orbit. (Design/construction phase)

Running cars on water. (Has been verified by 3 groups, kits are already available, but not from us)

A means of rendering visible the various energy fields around an object, and extreme detail photo /video analysis.
(Results were SO good that we dare not publish at this time)
....and many more projects which will blow your mind!

If you wish to see our online catalog, but don't wish to join, you can go to our sales website (coming soon) and browse, but remember you will NOT receive the member discount, which in most cases will be more than the $12.50 (10 euro) members fee, plus you will not be informed of latest developments.


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by skyfish
Greetings! Hi Luke! Mind if I take a little swim here?

by Admin
Haha, i know we have been dormant for almost a year but a lot has been happening in the backround, i kept most of it to myself simply because it's going to come out here first.
Before that, i am going to start filling in all these empty pages. I don't want peeps to pay to visit an empty site.

I wil start with something simple like the SensTest because i have all the docs & pics & can see how it all fits on the page.
I want to keep the same script as before, IE a presentation thread & a discussion thread. Both can be updated as necessary.

Hopefully it will go fairly quick after that, i'm a bit rusty with posting threads y'know ;)
by Amaterasu
Wish I could give Ya a thumbs up! Good comment!

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Admin: Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long but i lost my wife to a brain tumor, but i am back and we are going to move this site forward. As of now all membership is FREE so just ignore the paypal button..... Dec 7, 2018 23:47:06 GMT 1
Admin: Hi everyone ;) sorry it's been so quiet, but a lot has happened. We have another patient using the therapy machine, i hope all goes well,we have invented a range of micro-instruments that are exceeding design specs! and more...stay tuned, peeps. Apr 13, 2017 23:35:57 GMT 1 *
Admin: Not only am i still alive but in good health :)We will be updating soon, i was busy with the Mandela effect & other developments. Dec 20, 2016 12:45:49 GMT 1
Amaterasu: Never mind. Rumors only. WHEW! Nov 30, 2016 17:46:47 GMT 1
Amaterasu: Luke, I am hearing sad rumors. Please tell me they are unfounded. Nov 30, 2016 14:53:29 GMT 1
Admin: general meeting of all founder members will take place via skype, soon.... Oct 29, 2016 23:53:37 GMT 1
Admin: I think it's about time we considered crowdfunding, but with a strict set of terms, we need 200 grand to complete our projects, this includes curing cancer, a workable electric space drive & many other spinoffs. Oct 29, 2016 23:52:57 GMT 1
Admin: The domain '' is temporarily offline, both domains are still ours though ;) will get it fixed next week..... Sept 17, 2016 15:18:40 GMT 1
Amaterasu: Would love to test the "minimass" item!!! You don't know HOW many times I have wished for a foot massage! The Lyme and the rheumatological condition I have both affect My feet. Aug 30, 2016 22:44:54 GMT 1
Amaterasu: I posted the whole story of My waiting to be evicted... Aug 30, 2016 1:23:30 GMT 1
Admin: I have been posting intro threads to most of our current research........enjoy! Aug 29, 2016 22:35:32 GMT 1
dasioux777: Wow sounds great ! lets get things shall we? LOL let me know what you need me to do.. 8-) Aug 22, 2016 5:14:13 GMT 1
Admin: Uh-oh, i have to pay for the domains again. Although the Proboard forum is free, the domain names are not. But i would like to thank our members most humbly for contributing to the cost :D Aug 18, 2016 18:38:38 GMT 1
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Admin: Those i know get a lifetime membership...;) Aug 16, 2016 23:30:18 GMT 1
Admin: Yes we do vet members, no problem ;) Aug 16, 2016 23:29:16 GMT 1
Admin: I'm on the case mate, as from today, pending members will have to pay the 10 bucks, sorry but the domain name alone costs twice that a year...but i will also start filling the site this week Aug 16, 2016 23:28:46 GMT 1
Perspective!: Members I assume are to be vetted in some way. Skyfish, please pay your ten euro's, this is a member supported startup thingy and it ain't exactly a lot.. Two other memberships have been paid in today. Aug 15, 2016 14:45:57 GMT 1 *
Perspective!: I've let skyfish in because I know him. There are two other pending registrations, one is quite recent, by people who I do not recognise. I do not seem to have the ability to write back to those members from within the board to ask 'em who they are. Aug 15, 2016 14:44:28 GMT 1